Batter Up!


Another happy experiment gone right! She has turned out to be one of my favourites. 

Batter Up! was created one late night when I was desperately trying to procrastinate from my university studies. I can't help it though, once I get the itch to draw it's hard to ignore it. It's just convenient that the itch seems to come about when I'm not super devoted to my studies (hehe). 

I remember creating her was a little tricky and I had difficulty with the baseball cap as I don't think I've ever tried to draw a hat before. I experimented some more with highlighting the chin, cheek and nose. I also stopped my pitiful attempts at eyelashes and found I could create the same effect using a winged liner look (thank god!). 

I imagine her being a confident, sasy and smart young woman who couldn't care less what you think of her. Probably bored while listening to some moron try and mansplain/karensplain something she already understands.