Burn Baby Burn


"Burn, baby burn.. da na na, na na na"

Since they announced the JobKeeper was decreasing end of September I've been a busy little bee applying for as many casual jobs I could possibly find. Jobs I was qualified for, overqualified and even under-qualified (literally anything). But I was having no luck whatsoever. You'd think working in the retail industry for over 10 years I'd be able to find a simple cashiering job - apparently not. 

So after a few weeks of constant rejection letters, I just got TIRED. This artwork perfectly resembles how I felt.

I was feeling that slow burn, the pressure of that looming, JobKeeper decrease date but there wasn't much else I could do. I was annoyed I wasn't having any luck job searching but at the same time, there wasn't much else I could do. I'm too tired to stress about it anymore. Life can keep throwing me curveballs, in the meantime, I'll just be here in my own hell - chilling. 


[Music inspo: Chicago by Drake (feat. Giveon)]