Feelin' Good


This piece was to celebrate getting my beloved iMac back from the repair shop. It sounds silly and extremely superficial but when my iMac crashed I was very close to breaking completely (not for the first time since COVID began). 

Since March my life has just been a series of ups and downs - mostly numbness as I try, like everyone else, to adapt to this world. A world which kind of feels like your wading water. Not being able to move forward but if you stop you'll sink. So just like this, I was wading the water of my life. I had a routine of study, exercise, drawing and working on the launch of my business on the side. It wasn't much but it kept me afloat mentally and emotionally. Routine is good when you have no control over the rest of your life. I felt like I had control of my routine. 

And so, one day I was starting my usual routine of sitting at my computer to study and whatnot. And it crashed - at first, I kept it together. "Ok Des, this is cool just get on google and figure out how to fix it". So I did that and no luck. Right - time to book it in to get fixed - no problem. Side note: the staff at Chermside Apple Genius Bar are lovely! 

And like most things with COVID, I'm able to handle anything this horrid time keeps throwing at me - until I get the bill that is. Anyone else who has been experiencing the same will understand the feeling. You're doing everything you can to pinch pennies so you can stay afloat and pay your rent, buy food. And then life throws you another stupid (and expensive) curveball. I was so frustrated! So over finally feeling like I had a handle on my life again and then the unexpected happens. 

There's not really much you can do though. It's just that - an unexpected expense. I needed my computer for my art and my study (and sims *cough*) so once more I had a little cry, and then, I picked myself up and dusted myself off and went back to wading the water that is life. 

Stay positive gang! I know how hard this can be - I'm there with you. Take time to process your emotions and then pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Things will get better - I promise. So hang in there!

Hence how little Miss Sunshine AKA "Feelin' Good" came about. I paid the stupid bill, I got my shit together and I focused on the many positives I still had in my life. 


[Music inspo: Sunday Best by Surfaces]