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No. 1 - Girls and Bugs collection


I created "No.1" with the intention of extending it into an entire collection titled "Girls and Bugs". Hence why she is named No. 1, as she was the first of the collection. 

I came up with the idea for this piece after an utterly horrible night of work. There had been some tensions in the workplace where I had to handle some confrontation between staff. I remember I was so burnt out and over it all. Handling confrontation always makes me feel anxious and frustrated. I was over being the punching bag for the people I worked with that night so on the drive home I blasted "Boss Bitch" by Doja Cat. It's usually on my drive home from work where I would get the idea for a new piece. I feel like I listened to that song on repeat until the early hours of the morning drawing. Drawing for me when I'm in a bad mood is like going a few rounds with a punching bag to let off steam. 

She has extra sass because she contains all the times I've had to hold my tongue towards people who wouldn't do the same in order to keep civility.