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Plain Jane


Now this is an interesting tale of heartbreak and breaking free.. to a point. 

As I've gotten older I started to become a real homebody. I enjoy staying home or close to home. I just couldn't find the drive or interest to head out every weekend on adventures to the beach or go hiking. I enjoy hanging out with close friends in places I know and feel comfortable in. I like staying in and learning new skills, playing the Sims or drawing until I can forget about my reality for a while. That's not to say I don't like going out and experiencing new things - but for the most part I'm content with being a homebody. 

That was until I had someone close to me continuously tell me I was boring because I didn't go out all the time to experience new things, or get up at the crack of dawn to go hiking etc. And for so long it made me feel like they were right - that I was boring. Overtime this grew into something worse, it made me hate apart of myself because I felt like I wasn't enough. That being myself wasn't enough. 

It took me a while to finally one day think to myself "No. Fuck you". I'm not boring I just enjoy different things and that was ok. It was also ok that I was a homebody. Just like it's totally ok if you love getting up at the crack of dawn to go hiking or whatever.

Now I'm proud I'm a "Plain Jane" because it's better than trying to fit into someone else's construct of how I should be and behave. 

And that's the backstory to "Plain Jane". It's also why she look sassy as hell! Don't let others bring you down and never let them manipulate you into being someone your not.

Love yourself always x