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Stand With You


This artwork was created 4th June when the BLM had started to gain more traction in Australia. There was all these protests organised in each capital city and I really wanted to go and show my support.I decided not to and comply with COVID restrictions so I wouldn't pose any risk to family or friends.

I wanted to do something though, I wanted to help and show my support. I had been following the movement in the States on the news and I just wanted to shout out at the TV "I'm with you! I'll stand with you! We all will". 

When I created this piece I had so many emotions circling around me and bubbling to the surface. I was anxious about the constant tension in the air becoming extremely aware the undercurrent of hate and anger. Every time there is attention on Indigenous affairs I immediately feel like I need to be prepared and knowledgeable on the subject because I know people will start on me (innocently or with an agenda). I'm not good in conflict - I get lost for words or I don't say the right ones. I find communication difficult even outside of stressful conversations. Anxious as to how this piece would be received. Hopeful that the BLM would actually bring about change worldwide to bringing an end to racial injustices and racism. Angry racial injustices and racism is still around. You'd think we'd have our shit together by now. 

When emotions start piling up drawing creates a release and an escape for me. But it also helps me to show people what I'm feeling because I'm terrible expressing myself verbally. When I create strong pieces like this it's like a vibration going through my chest, my heart and connecting to the artwork. Can you feel it too?