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Burn Baby Burn

...."So after a few weeks of constant rejection letters, I just got TIRED. This artwork perfectly resembles how I felt. I was feeling that slow burn, the pressure of that looming, JobKeeper decrease date but there wasn't much else I could do"......

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Feelin' Good

......" getting my beloved iMac back from the repair shop. It sounds silly and extremely superficial but when my iMac crashed I was very close to breaking completely (not for the first time since COVID began) ".........

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..."Moo was another fun creation to help get me out of a dark place. I was starting to feel detached from myself. While it's been a once in a lifetime experience not working (business can't open yet) it can get a little tough mentally"....

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Stand With You

..."I wanted to do something though, I wanted to help and show my support. I had been following the movement in the States on the news and I just wanted to shout out at the TV "I'm with you! I'll stand with you! We all will"...

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Batter Up!

..."I imagine her being a confident, sassy and smart young woman who couldn't care less what you think of her. Probably bored while listening to some moron try and mansplain/karensplain something she already understands"... 

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