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Plain Jane

...."I had someone close to me continuously tell me I was boring because I didn't go out all the time to experience new things, or get up at the crack of dawn to go hiking etc. And for so long it made me feel like they were right - that I was boring"....

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Bubble Gum

..."this creation came from boredom and too much caffeine. After what I call my "style break through" with Thunderstorms I wanted to play around some more and get a little weird"....

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...."I drew this artwork in April when COVID lock-downs were still in the beginning. It was before the government announced the income packages. My workplace had shut down, I'd been stood down with the option to use annual leave"....

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No. 1 - Girls and Bugs collection

...I was over being the punching bag for the people I worked with that night so on the drive home I blasted "Boss Bitch" by Doja Cat. It's usually on my drive home from work where I would get the idea for a new piece...

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